Successful Luxembourgian musical showcase in New York

In a celebration ahead of this year’s Grammy Awards, Luxembourg-born Grammy voting member Marco Battistella hosted a Luxembourgian Showcase last week at the House of Luxembourg in New York City.

In cooperation with Luxembourg’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs as well as the Ministry of Culture and the Export office Music:LX, Marco Battistella was able to present musicians from his roster, Jean Muller, Duo Rosa and Tatsiana Zelianko to 55 selected guests from 14 different nations comprising music industry professionals, fellow voting members, labels etc.

At the historic house of the Consulate General, former home of famed American Irving Berlin (White Christmas, God Bless America, and the Luxembourg-linked Call Me Madam), Hon. Consul Jeanne Crauser and Christian Braun Ambassador of Luxembourg to the United Nations offered an exclusive setting and a warm welcome to the invitees.

Marco Battistella says, that « my fellow voting member colleagues where absolutely delighted of the musicians’ performance. » He received a lot of feedback and thanks, one stating that « had no idea how interesting Luxembourg’s history is and of the high level of its musicianship. Truly inspiring! »

The aim behind this showcase was to promote both Luxembourg and its musical potential to the fellow members of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Science, which is also hosting the Grammys.

« I am positive that our musicians made a lasting impression on my colleagues, breaking ground for further success and exposure within the USA. It is my wish to establish this showcase in the future and I hope to be able to invite more musicians next year », Battistella notes.


Successful Luxembourgian musical showcase in New York

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