American Soul


Stephany Ortega is splendid in this varied program, whether she sings powerfully emotional or funny songs. She brings into the songs the right atmosphere, the right character, the right colours and, last but not least, the vibrant charisma that reveals the singer who slips into the role and embodies it. At the same time her intense performances are never overcooked. The program does really suit her as well as her supporting pianist Léna Kollmeier.


Duo Rosa

Duo Rosa by Mael G Lagadec-47 flip

DUO ROSA emerged in 2014 thanks to a wonderful friendship and meeting of musical minds between soprano Stephany Ortega and pianist Léna Kollmeier when they were studying at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. Due to their comprehensive training in classical and modern music, they are able to approach traditional repertoire with ease, while tackling the challenges of contemporary music and exploring several world music styles. The key of their success: the magical blend between classical and popular music!

In 2016, the duo released their first album «Return» (Et’cetera Records), a musical journey from Europe to Latin America: the disc was hailed by the international press. They followed up on their release with a promotional tour across 18 cities in Europe, the United States and the Caribbean, notably performing at Carnegie Hall in New York, La Monnaie in Brussels, El Ateneo in Madrid, the Philharmonie Luxembourg, the Biermans-Lapôtre Foundation in Paris and the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Santo Domingo.

In 2019, the duo released their second album «American Soul : from Broadway to Paris» (Hänssler Classic) featuring art songs, Broadway melodies and cabaret tunes, and began their new international tour.

Recently, this album has been nominated by the International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) 2020 which represents a great achievement in their young career.

urrently, the duo continues their American Soul Tour that already took them to England, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Dominican Republic.